Waste characterization automated system

We are pleased to share the success of our latest project aimed at changing the way radioactive waste stored in drums is handled and characterized. Our Czech NUVIATech Automation team has successfully designed, manufactured, and implemented the first part of a fully automated system that showcases the combination of our unique know-how in automation, radiation measurement, software development, and detector technology.

Key Features:

  • Fully Automated Operation: Our systems offer a hands-free solution for characterizing radioactive waste, minimizing human exposure, and ensuring safety.
  • Multi-Parameter Measurement: The operator can load up to 10 drums at a time onto the input conveyor, and each drum undergoes a comprehensive analysis, including weight measurement, radiation spectrum acquisition, and gamma dose rate measurement from various angles.
  • Unique Design: The resulting product meets the complex set of client requirements, making it a unique offering.

Our fully automated system is a crucial step forward in managing radioactive waste responsibly. By streamlining the characterization process, we ensure the safety of both operators and the community.

How does it work ?

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