Replacement of halon fire extinguishing equipment at the Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant

The aim of the project was to replace the existing stable halon fire extinguishing system at the Dukovany NPP with a new TYCO SAPPHIRE gas fire extinguisher manufactured by Johnson Controls (hereinafter referred to as GHZ) that meets all applicable technical, legislative and ecological requirements. The extinguishing agent is FK-5-1-12 gas known under the trade name NovecTM 1230.

Project parties

Client: ČEZ a.s.
General Contracthor: NUVIA a.s., Czech Republic


  • analysis of the actual condition of extinguished sections
  • preparation of project documentation for the construction works
  • installation of a new gas fire extinguisher (GHZ)
  • performance of GHZ functional tests

Projects challenges 

  • implementation of the largest TYCO SAPPHIRE NOVEC 1230 system in Europe
  • ensuring a sufficient number of workers with professional qualifications, valid entry into the NPP and vetting by the NBA, especially in connection with the extreme increase in the need for these workers for the implementation of the investor’s related projects
  • complex coordination of design and assembly work and functional tests with related projects of the investor
  • significantly higher complexity (built-up) of spaces in a NPP compared to conventional installations
  • justified interruption of assembly work by the operating personnel of the NPP and the related disruption of the schedule
  • use of the 3D BIM modeling method in combination with 3D scans of the affected premises
Czech Republic, Dukovany NPP
Start date
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