In the United Kingdom and in France, like in other regions of the world, NUVIA operates on strategic national Defence sites on behalf of the most important governmental organisations. This includes missions in the field of homeland nuclear safety.
Our expertise in nuclear engineering and technologies, specialist maintenance, fuel supply, radioactive waste management and decommissioning is particularly valued by the Military for their nuclear-powered submarines.

NUVIA’s specific and sophisticated NUVIATech range of solutions is also a priceless answer to CBRN issues*. These tools specialise in geo-location, geo-detection, nuclear measurement, risk management, protection of environments and populations, making NUVIA a partner of choice in terms of homeland security and risk management. NUVIATech Instruments products are specially designed to meet detection and nuclear measurement requirements for all kinds of clients: emergency services, public security, the army, customs, cargo terminals, port and airport infrastructures, as well as contractors carrying out decommissioning and dismantling operations, on nuclear or military sites, legacy uranium mines…

Our products ensure air-borne radioactivity monitoring (with real-time data-transmission drones), fixed land-detectors (detection portals, monitoring equipment for individuals…) and portative and/or manual devices (portative spectrometers, manual contamination-monitors…).
In short: bespoke, turnkey solutions.

* CBRN: Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear.