Production of hydrogen in UJV

Project parties

Awarding authority: ÚJV Řež, a.s., Řež, Czech Republic

General Contracthor: NUVIA a.s., Czech Republic

Project challenges
  • installation of pilot equipment for production of hydrogen from OZE, including all necessary tests
  • inertization of tank and hydrogen distribution equipment

Installation and delivery of technology for production of hydrogen from renewable energy sources (RES), connection of hydrogen distribution to the Customer’s equipment realized within the research and development project – Research and development of advanced hydrogen technologies for energy and transport:

  • delivery and installation of hydrogen piping incl. storage tanks
  • delivery and installation of a system for automatic control of hydrogen production and consumption
  • preparation of documentation of the actual design of the equipment and operating rules of the equipment according to the valid legislation
  • putting the equipment into operation, performing functional tests
  • training

Country: Czech Republic

Site: ÚJV Řež


Key figures

  • Execution of a project: 07/2016 – service for 4 years