Early Warning Network in Slovakia

Implementation of an Early Warning Network for Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute including supply of gamma probes and central monitoring software

Project parties

Client: Slovak Hydrometorological Institute, Slovakia
General Contracthor: NUVIA a.s., Czech Republic

Project challenges
  • Monitoring software is used for data collection and international data exchange
  • Data exchange is operated with Austria, Hungaria, Czech republic and European commission (JRC) through highly secured web services
  • The Early Warning Network focuses for monitoring all country area during radiation incident.

Delivery of 4000 personel dosimeters and tens of personel dosimeters for high energies

Delivery of 20 measurement stations measure ambient dose rate equivalent.

Installation and implementation of full Early Warning Network Information system, for collecting, evaluation, promoting and reporting all records from several sources in Slovak Republic.


Country: Slovakia


Key figures

  • Execution of a project: 2018 – 2020