ESS Target Internal Transport Casks

The European Spallation Source (ESS) is a multi-disciplinary science and research facility under construction, near Lund, Sweden.

The ESS vision is to build and operate the world’s most powerful neutron source, enabling scientific breakthroughs in research related to materials, energy, health and environment.

Central to the facility is the Target Station where high-energy proton pulses are directed to a Target Monolith where spallation occurs, generating a vast number of neutrons Items within the monolith become radioactive through high energy particle activation.

Key detals

Client: European Spallation Source
General Contracthor: NUVIA UK
Country: Sweden


The primary function of the cask assembly is the safe and robust transportation of multiple large and highly irradiated components from the monolith during maintenance operations. This requires the cask assembly to provide shielding and containment throughout the process, i.e. ail steps of hoisting, transport and storage within the facility.

Key interfaces include the high bay crane (and high bay crane control system), Active Cells Facility (ACF), and the monolith components.


The NUVIA scope was the system (scheme) and detailed (build-to­ print) design of the target internai transport casks and associated interfacing equipment, otherwise known as the cask assembly.

The cask assembly comprises ail the equipment necessary to interface with the monolith and handle its component parts. This includes the shielded casks, gamma gates, lifting devices, maintenance and decontamination facilities.

Technical solutions 

To safely remove and replace the components requires a range of 9 casks. A range of 5 gamma gates is also required for each of the docking points for the casks of which there are 4.

Each cask is provided with a hoist system and lifting devices to interface with monolith components. A range of 6 different hoist systems is required to accommodate the different components weights. A range of 13 different lifting devices is required to interface with the 26 monolith components. The casks will be transferred between the different interface stations using the high bay crane.

Project solutions 

NUVIA’s solution for the 7No Casks and associated equipment was delivered in late 2021.
This has allowed procurement of the components to be completed, the first of the 7 Casks started manufacture in Q4 2022. The remaining 6 casks will start manufacture in Q2 2023

Start date
August 2019
End date
September 2021

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