Land Remediation of the Liquid Effluent Treatment Plant (LETP)

Complete land remediation and characterisation of radiologically contaminated land at the site of a former LETP and restoration of the land to green field condition.

Project parties

Client: Magnox

Awarding authority: Nuclear Decommissioning Authority

General contractor: NUVIA UK

Project challenges
  • Excavating, Assaying and Processing 555 x 1m3 Waste Bags per week
  • 43,995 x 1m3 bags to be Assayed and processed in total
  • Tracking system for every waste bag
  • Extensive and stringent standards prescribed by the ONR and the EA (UK regulators)

Land remediation of Liquid Effluent Treatment Plant

Restoring site to green field status

Development of technical solutions to meet Magnox requirements

Use of Nuvia’s High Resolution Assay Monitor (HiRAM)

Gamma Spectrometry instruments


Country: United Kingdom

Site: Harwell Nuclear Site