Ignalina Fuel Handling System

Ignalina Interim Spent Fuel Storage Facility (ISFSF) design, manufacture, installation and testing of fuel handling equipment

Project parties

Client: NUKEM GmbH

Awarding authority: Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant

General contractor: NUVIA UK

Project challenges
  • Provide safe, secure and environmentally controlled storage of radioactive fuel
  • Provide two separate remote handling facilities – Fuel Bundle Handling Equipment and Fuel Inspection Hot Cell
  • Capacity of approximately 18,000 fuel assemblies and the delivery of 202 casks
  • Equipment compliance to strict regulation for nuclear cranes
  • Multi-cultural international environment

Design & Build of Remote Handling Facilities for Fuel Store

Fuel Inspection Hot Cell (FIHC)

Installation and Construction

Commissioning & Hot Trials


Country: Lithuania

Site: Ignalina Power Plant


Key figures

  • Start year 2005

  • Provides 50 year storage for highly radioactive fuel

  • Award winning innovation