First Generation Reprocessing Plant (FGRP) Stack Demolition

NUVIA’s innovative self-climbing platform (SCP) is dismantling the existing 61-metre-high FGRP Stack – retiring a Category 1 nuclear legacy risk in the process.

Project parties

Client: Sellafield Limited

Awarding authority: Nuclear Decommissioning Authority

General contractor: NUVIA UK

Project challenges
  • 61m-high stack and extending to some 122m above ground level
  • Stack located in close proximity to other key buildings and hazardous facilities
  • Working at height
  • Safe access and egress to platform
  • Environmental Impact and Waste Mangenment

Detail design and implementation of the SCP

Construction and assembly of the SCP at Sellafield

Dismantling of 61-metre-high, radiologically contaminated stack

Decontamination and Demolition of the Stack Windshield


Country: United Kingdom

Site: Sellafield


Key figures

  • Started in November 2016 – Finish expected September 2020

  • Developed 25-tonne self-climbing platform

  • Category 1 legacy risk retired