NUVIA selected by Bruce Power to provide radiation protection services

NUVIA Canada has been selected to provide radiation protection services to the Major Component Replacement programme at Bruce Power Station.

NUVIA Canada is proud to have been selected by Bruce Power to provide radiation protection services to the Major Component Replacement programme at Bruce Power Station, enabling the organisation to commit significantly to Bruce County.

The significant Major Component Replacement (MCR) project forms part of a greater Life-Extension programme, supporting the agreement between Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) and Bruce Power, to secure 6,400 megawatts of electricity from the site, and allowing the safe operation of Bruce Power’s units until 2064.

NUVIA will supply qualified Radiation Protection Technicians through the first phase of the programme until 2024. These technicians are essential to ensure safe operation, providing radiation protection assistance for workers, monitoring of radiation levels as well as providing direct technical support. As the largest independent provider of radiation protection services in Canada, NUVIA will be able to utilise its international experience to fully support the MCR objectives, providing personnel to meet the exacting standards of Bruce Power and drawing on over 3,000 international nuclear professionals from across the international NUVIA Group.

Significantly, NUVIA’s approach to social impact mirrors that of Bruce Power and the County of Bruce’s Nuclear Economic Development and Innovation Initiative. One of NUVIA’s primary areas of focus under this contract is the recruitment and training of local personnel, supporting economic growth as well as developing a flexible workforce for the nuclear industry within the region.

NUVIA has over 40 years’ experience in the training and development of Radiation Protection Technicians. From its new Tiverton office and training facility, NUVIA will invest in the latest technology for the development and implementation of training programmes. This multi-channel approach will requalify union hiring hall members as well as training local people with no previous Radiation Protection experience.

“The commitment from NUVIA to become part of the local community and invest in our local economy is greatly appreciated”, said Mike Rencheck, President and CEO, Bruce Power.

“Our Life-Extension programme is creating and sustaining 22,000 highly skilled jobs across Ontario annually, including here in Bruce Grey and Huron Counties, while delivering 30 per cent of Ontario’s electricity for Ontario, at 30 per cent less than the average cost to generate residential power. We do more and cost less.”


Keith Collett, President & Chairman of NUVIA Canada and deputy Chief Executive of the NUVIA Group, declared:

“This is a significant development for NUVIA Canada, enabling our organisation to invest in Bruce County and grow in support of Bruce Power.

Working closely with Bruce Power to deliver its aims in economic development alongside the successful delivery of the MCR programme is central to NUVIA’s success. We are looking forward to forging continued links with the local community and becoming an integral partner to the people of Bruce County”.