Projects supported by the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic

Security Research Programme of the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic

Participation together with the National Radiation Protection Institute

VG20122014093 System for measuring internal contamination after NPP accident focusing on thyroid glands in children and transuranic contamination (project completed in 2014)
VG20122015083 Mobile and stationary radiation monitoring systems of a new generation for radiation monitoring networks (project completed in 2015)
VI20152018042 Emergency radioactive aerosol meter with remote data transmission (project completed 12/2018)
VI20152019028 Radiation Monitoring Network for institutions and schools to assure early awareness and enhancing safety of citizens (RAMESIS) project completed 06/2019
VI20172020104 New generation of portal monitors for public safety (PoMoZ) (project completed in 2020)
VI20172020083 Systems for on-line measurement of artificial radioactivity in surface waters during a NPP accident with remote data transmission (project completed in 2020)