Condenser retubing work

NUVIA Structure and its partner, the German company BALCKE DÜRR, are re-tubing one part of the cooling circuit condensers in Cattenom and Cruas NPP. Works are under way in 2015 up to 2016.

This project should eventually allow the joint venture NUVIA Structure – BALCKE DURR to annually complete at least one project of re-tubing work until 2019.

Project parties

Client: EDF CNPE
Awarding authority: EDF – CNPE
Commissioning body: EDF – CNPE
General contracting: NUVIA Structure – BALCKE DURR Joint venture

Project challenges
  • New activity for NUVIA Structure, qualification of a new stakeholder for retubing work in NPP
  • Very tight schedule (operations performed on site during outage)
  • Pooling of NUVIA Structure and BALCKE DURR expertise covering all technical and organisational aspects
  • Ensuring a level of quality control in compliance with nuclear safety standards
  • Studies
  • Procurement
  • Development of specific tools and processes for onsite work (handling, platform, etc.)
  • In situ tube replacement and related logistics



Country: France