NUVIA has been awarded a leading role in the government AMR F&D programme

NUVIA was announced as Technical Advisor for the UK Government’s Advanced Modular Reactor (AMR) Feasibility and Development (F&D) programme.

NUVIA has been awarded a leading role in the government AMR F&D programme

The programme is a 2-phase research initiative for AMR technologies, which are at an early stage of development. The phases are:

  • Phase 1 – c.£4m funding to undertake a series of feasibility studies for AMR
  • Phase 2 – Subject to approval, up to £40m may be available for successful designs to undertake applied research and development

NUVIA, as international nuclear engineering, project management and services contractor, has been appointed as the Technical Advisor for phase one of the programme, acting on behalf of the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). NUVIA will provide an assessment of the feasibility studies submitted by each of the AMR F&D research initiative contractors.

This BEIS investment is to establish an AMR F&D project and to explore potential UK involvement in AMR deployment in the UK and abroad. For this project, AMRs are defined as a broad group of advanced nuclear reactors. They aim to maximise the amount of off-site factory fabrication and can target:

  • generating low cost electricity,
  • increased flexibility in delivering electricity to the grid,
  • increased functionality, such as the provision of heat output for domestic or industrial purposes, or facilitating the production of hydrogen,
  • alternative applications that may generate additional revenue or economic growth,

At the end of the project, NUVIA will provide BEIS with reports on elements of the feasibility studies, including providing an assessment on the validity, credibility and completeness. This report will then be used in an overarching review to down select contractors for Phase 2 of the programme.

NUVIA has over 50-years’ experience delivering successful projects to the UK nuclear industry, including significant recent projects supporting reactor vendors in developing their designs and in progressing through the UK regulator’s Generic Design Assessment.

NUVIA has also held significant roles supporting UK Government nuclear initiatives, for example as Programme Manager for the UK’s involvement in Global Threat Reduction Initiative, where we managed a £100M programme of work helping to address challenges in relation to legacy clean-up.

Marketing Director Kris Bradshaw said:
“This prestigious appointment aligns well to NUVIA’s strategic interests in further supporting the development and deployment of new and novel reactor technologies in the UK and internationally. We look forward to working with BEIS and the AMR F&D research initiative Contractors as these technologies progress.”