New device for measuring the hydrogen concentration in the primary circuit of a nuclear reactor and software for its prediction

We are involved in the development of the prototype instrument and the related software

The aim of this grant project, supported by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, within the THÉTA Programme of Applied Research, Experimental Development and Innovation, is to develop a prototype of an instrument designed for the determination of hydrogen concentration in liquids and gases. The resulting instrument and its measurements are characterized by a significantly higher selectivity for hydrogen and a faster response compared to instruments currently in use. The device will be used primarily to measure the hydrogen concentration in the sampling channel of the primary circuit of a nuclear reactor. The instrument will then also be used in other industries such as petrochemicals.

The project also includes the development of new software to calculate the concentration of water radiolysis products, including corrosion products.
The project is implemented in cooperation with the University of Chemical Technology in Prague, which is the main beneficiary of the grant, and NUVIA a.s. is another participant in the project.