Quality & Delivery

At NUVIA, Quality rhymes with exemplarity, innovation, responsability and transparency. They guarantee the high standards we treasure, that have made our presence essential on highly regulated sites and projects. Because approximation cannot be tolerated as far as sensitive activities are concerned.

In our offices, on our sites or with our clients, we are committed to ensuring that the final result proves to be equal to our promises as well as your requirements. Constant improvement, professionalism, experience feed-back and personal commitment are the key to the success of our projects. The missions we conduct, the facilities we design and the services we deliver are worthy of the international Group we are part of, and worthy of our commitment towards our people, our partners, our clients. For this reason, we are regularly rewarded for the quality and consistency of our services and performances.

Furthermore, NUVIA’s expertise and values benefit from the support, professionalism and procedures provided by our parent Company, the VINCI Group, international and global leader in construction and concessions.


Safety is NUVIA’s Priority Number 1.
Safety is the key to the commitment and well-being of our people. But it is also a question of trust between our company and its clients, suppliers and partners.

We ensure security and safety are at the heart of all our processes, on worksites, in offices, before – during – after every intervention, and along the lifespan of the facilities we work on: from design to decommissioning and waste treatment.

This conception of Safety necessitates both strong involvement from Management and information, awareness and accountability of each employee. Everyone is fully committed: everyone anticipates, doubts, improves, to reach the excellence and professionnalism expected in our activities.

NUVIA Safety figures are in constant progression, such that we receive regular rewards from various national authorities due to our capabilities and achievements concerning Safety (ROSPA Awards in the UK for example – Royal Society of the Prevention of Accidents).

Environmental policy

In contrast to other facilities, nuclear facilities don’t generate geenhouse-gas to produce electricity. Over its whole industrial cycle, a nuclear power plant releases the same quantity of CO2 than the other renewable energy sources: approx. 7 gCO2/kWh*. And in comparison, a coal-fired power station releases 1000 gCO2/kWh and a gas-fired power station releases 500 gCO2/kWh.

Being low-carbon, nuclear energy enables France to have lower CO2 emissions than the European average, and twice as less as Germany. Nuclear energy is a key factor in fighting air pollution as it doesn’t release nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, fine particles or dust.

Like any industry, the nuclear industry releases elements into the environment. But in order to limit their impact, these emissions are strictly controlled and supervised, to be stocked and recycled according to their characteristics. Transparency is essential, and the French Law relative to nuclear transparency and security (TSN) of 13th June 2006 guarantees public access to reliable and accessible information on these subjects.

The NUVIA Group, that is thoroughly attached to its people’s safety and security, is just as concerned about the Environment and waste control, should it be radioactive, thermal, chemical or industrial waste. Waste management is at the heart of our expertise and our know-how on the subject is established and recognised worldwide.

From design to construction, from operations to decommissioning, all the stages of a nuclear facility’s life are closely controlled, whatever the kind: power stations, research centres, hospitals specialising in radiology and nuclear healthcare, military sites… Procedures are strict and the most innovative and ambitious technologies are deployed for the control and reduction of waste.

* Source: SFEN, Société française d’énergie nucléaire / French nuclear energy society.