Target Station Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning System (TS HVAC)

Design and supply of a heating ventilation air conditioning system for a unique spallation facility in Sweden

Project parties

Client: Nuclear Physics Institute CAS (Czech Republic)

Awarding authority: European Spallation Source (ESS)

General Contracthor: NUVIA a.s., Czech Republic

Project challenges
  • Coordination of multiple disciplines included in the project
  • Prompt solution of collisions with interfering systems during installation
  • Implementing modifications resulting from dynamic development of the whole facility
  • Difficult personal inspections due to COVID-19 restrictions

System design and delivery

The Target Station Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning system (hereinafter referred as TS HVAC system) is responsible to:

  • Ensure the respect of precise temperature and humidity requirements in the different rooms of the Target Station.
  • Remove the heat loads (sensible and latent contributions coming from equipment and personnel) present in the rooms;
  • Respect the requirements from the labour code for what concerns the well being of personnel;
  • Prevent the formation of dangerous atmospheres in the rooms (toxic, asphyxiant, explosive, etc).

Country: Sweden

Site: European Spallation Source