Radioactive waste tanks

Complete supply of radioactive waste tanks technology to ensure monitoring, temporary containment (storage) and controlled discharge of radioactively contaminated wastewater into public sewerage

Project parties

Client: Metrostav, a.s., Brno

General Contractor: NUVIA a.s., Czech Republic

Project challenges
  • Complete system commissioning
  • Design of new software
  • Complete implementation of technology including related works – connection to technical infrastructure

Complete execution of the wash tank technology, including the control cabinet of the technology, liquid activity monitors, complete cabling, piping, connection of technologies and all related works

Supply and installation of all pumps and valves of the technology

Connection to the sewage and water supply lines

Connection to the power distribution system

Preparation of the workshop documentation for the execution of the scrubber tank

Design of the SW technology including its application to the system of the University Hospital Brno

Operator training


Country: Czech Republic

Site: University Hospital Brno