ITER Anti-Seismic Bearings

As part of the construction of the fusion reactor ITER, NUVIA was chosen for the design, supply and commissioning of the anti-seismic bearings on which the nuclear unit is installed. The anti-seismic bearings and commissioning methods were subjected to qualification tests so as to meet the very specific requirements related to nuclear constructions.

Project parties

Client: Fusion For Energy (F4E)
Awarding authority: ITER ORGANISATION
Architect Engineer: ENGAGE
Fusion For Energy (F4E)

Project challenges
  • Quality of the product and respect of nuclear requirements
  • Possibility to replace a bearing
  • Qualification of the seismic isolation at 70 years – durability
  • Qualification of the anti-seismic bearings (elastomeric bearings and bearing plates)
  • Performance of implementation studies and creation of scale-models
  • Manufacturing of the bearings and associated plates
  • Performance of the production monitoring tests
  • Commissioning on site

Country: FRANCE
Site: ITER

Key figures

  • July 2011
    January 2012

  • Concrete and mortar
    180 m3

  • Steel
    420 T