Global site work assistance

NUVIA Support coordinates and manages activities such as logistics, radiation protection and operating facilities by offering solutions in line with customer’s objectives.

Project parties

Client: EDF
Awarding authority: EDF
General contracting: NUVIA Support

Project challenges
  • Bring solutions in line with NPP’s goals in terms of safety, security, performance and the environment
  • The customer has a single interface for the management and coordination of its activities
  • Capacity to mobilise appropriate resources according to peak periods
  • Logistics: assistance on site, handling, packaging, management of restricted areas, containment and biological protections, logistics and decontamination equipment maintenance.
  • Global laundry service management
  • Management of radioactive waste
  • Radiological and conventional cleanliness
  • Radiation and fire protection, facility safety

Country: France

Key figures

  • Multi-annual contract
    since 2008