NUVIA was involved in the installation of one of the largest fire protection systems at the Dukovany NPP.

One of the largest gas extinguishing systems in Europe has been installed at the Czech Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant. Also thanks to NUVIA.

Over the past three years, our company has implemented one of the largest and most financially demanding projects in its history – the replacement of the stable halon fire extinguishing system at the Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant. Within the framework of this contract, we analyzed the actual condition of 48 extinguished sections, prepared project documentation for the construction, and installed and successfully tested new gas extinguishing equipment in the so-called vital areas of the plant (e.g. unit or emergency guard room, etc.).


The result of our analysis of the actual condition was the assignment for further projects of the investor ČEZ, a.s., e.g. additional sealing and reinforcement of the walls of extinguished sections, removal of pressure shocks generated during extinguishing agent release by means of additional air handling systems and reconstruction of the electronic fire alarm system. These projects were carried out in direct coordination with our contract.


Our newly installed gas fire extinguishing system meets all applicable technical, legislative, and environmental requirements, including fire and seismic resistance requirements.