NUVIA joins FORATOM Association

NUVIA is now member of FORATOM, the trade association the nuclear energy industry in Europe

Based in Brussels, FORATOM acts as the voice of the European nuclear industry in energy policy discussions with the EU institutions and other key players in the sector.

Made up of 15 national nuclear associations representing nearly 3,000 companies worldwide, FORATOM provides expertise and analysis on the role of nuclear energy, produces position papers, newsfeeds, responses to public consultations, analyses of public opinion, organizes regular networking events such as dinner debates, workshops, press briefings, visits to nuclear facilities…

Some of the topics addressed by the Association include security of energy supply, competitiveness, the economy, nuclear safety and liability, radioactive waste treatment, decommissioning, nuclear transport, the environment, new projects, energy mix, R&D….

By joining FORATOM, NUVIA confirms its commitment to support the nuclear energy in Europe and in the world to have a sustainable and carbon-free earth in consistence with its company purpose: Whatever it takes to build a safer, cleaner and sustainable world.