NUVIA committed to training and supplying Health Physics resource to Dounreay (DSRL)

The Dounreay’s first batch of homegrown health physics surveyors have qualified with flying colors and ahead of schedule.

The seven trainees are the first to be trained by Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd (DSRL) and NUVIA jointly in a program that utilized the NUVIA’s National Vocational Qualification Centre (NVQ). The training was expected to take two years, but due to the hard work and commitment of both trainees, and their supervisors, they completed the course in 19 months, and all are now deployed across the Dounreay site.

DSRL Health Physics Service Manager said: “This is a very encouraging result for both the trainees and their instructors and shows that hard work really pays off. The health physics surveyors now have formal qualifications that are widely recognized in the nuclear industry. “

The Health Physics team are fundamental to the radiological safety of the workforce, the public and the environment.

NUVIA has a long history of providing the full range of health physics services to the Dounreay site and to sites all over the world, including supporting reactor outages in UK, France, Sweden, Canada and Slovenia, where we have adapted our core competencies to meet the local regulatory and facility requirements.