Modernization of the software application at the Nuclear Power Plants in Slovakia

NUVIA has won a project to develop an upgraded software application to support the management and control of chemical regimes at the Slovak Nuclear Power Plants Mochovce and Jaslovské Bohunice.

The information system will be developed as a web-based application, fully integrated into the customer’s corporate infrastructure. The solution will replace the existing desktop application used to support the management and control of chemical regimes. The main objective is to modernise the existing outdated application and extend it with additional modules that will save our customer a lot of administrative work.

The information system will consist of a database server, where the system will store basic records and metadata, as well as an application server for the Java EE platform and a web browser that will be part of each user’s workstation.

Key features of the proposed solution:
• The modern solution will completely replace the existing outdated application.
• Minimal impact on the company’s infrastructure.