LILLA Facility Project

EPC for Science & Research

Let’s go to the Netherlands, at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, where experts anticipate tomorrow’s challenges related to energy, climate and nuclear safety.

NUVIA is proud it has been involved in the development of their Lead-cooled Fast Reactor, an innovative concept that uses liquid lead as a coolant with great potential to increase safety, improve economics for electricity production, and reduce nuclear waste for disposal in the long-term.

As part of this project, NUVIA has been involved in the design, manufacture and commissioning of equipment for the LIquid Lead Loop (LILLA) facility, an installation specifically designed to qualify structural materials in corrosive environment of liquid lead. The LILLA facility can indeed perform compatibility tests in temperatures of up to 650°C, and mechanical tests in liquid lead with well-controllable parameters, such as temperature, mechanical load, and oxygen content in lead.

Heavy Liquid Metal Experimental Facility