Decontamination, a historical activity of NUVIA that was celebrated during our recent “Decontamination Workshops” in Pierrelatte.

Decontamination Workshops in Pierrelatte.

NUVIA intervenes on all types of contamination, whether fixed, labile, alpha, beta or gamma, and in all environments, either in remote operation or in ‘direct’ contact, in ionising or alpha environments, and on all types of media, whether liquid, solid, metal, concrete or paint.

We were pleased to welcome our customers to the “Decontamination Workshops” organised at our Pierrelatte site. This day of demonstrations allowed us to showcase our various skills and techniques developed for nuclear and sensitive environments: hyperbaric diving operations, a presentation of the underwater drone for waste investigation and recovery, a NuPROTECT protective resin installation workshop, a presentation of measurement equipment, radiation protection, inflatable and rigid connected airlocks as well as several other innovations.

Thanks to the Framatome team for their participation and the demonstration of their process implemented by NUVIA for the decontamination of 900 duct elbows. We also thank our customers (EDF, CEA, TechnicAtome, Orano, DGA, EQUANS, …) for their presence and the valuable exchanges during this exciting day.