Cleaning and dismantling of the used fuel storage canisters

This project reflects NUVIA’s expertise in the overall management of decommissioning projects involving innovative solutions.

Project parties

Client: AREVA NC
Awarding authority: CEA
General contractor: NUVIA Process

Project challenges
  • Complex deck crane handling operations
  • Osbolete ventilation process
  • Canisters with different geometries
  • Waste at the bottom of the canisters
  • Layout modifications in irradiating facilities
  • Remote cutting and removal operations cutting and removal
  • Cutting, characterisation, packaging and removal of 120 supports and 94 canisters
  • Dismantling of the associated equipment
  • Radioactive clean-up of the building’s civil engineering work

Country: France
Unit: Reactor G1
Building: U G1 reactor warehouse

Key figures

  • Start in June 2008
    End in December 2017

  • Metal waste


  • Dosimetry

    75 h.MSV