We are equipping the PET/CT outpatient clinic at the Military University Hospital in Prague!

Shielding equipment for working with radioactive sources

Under the brand NUVIATech Healthcare, our company is involved in increasing safety in handling radiopharmaceuticals and radioactive waste at the Central Military Hospital – Military University Hospital Prague by supplying a new PET/CT workstation.

This delivery includes a complete set for efficient and safe handling of radiopharmaceuticals, including an application table with a shielded basket, a container for storage of radioactive waste, a shielded, motorized basket, a manual trolley for transporting syringes with radiopharmaceuticals and two portable tungsten containers.

Already at the end of last year, NUVIA a.s. delivered a set of tungsten syringe covers to this workplace.

This step not only strengthens our cooperation with the healthcare sector, but also contributes to the provision of state-of-the-art and safe diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

NUVIATech Healthcare - Shielding equipment for working with radioactive sources

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