ITER, a true craftsmanship

After 3 years of design, qualification and manufacturing the final chapter of the Cryostat Support Bearing (CSB mechanical bearings) installation has arrived.

These bearings will support the Tokamak structure to accommodate displacements and transfer the loads from the Cryostat to the supporting crown wall. This supporting wall is built with a 750kg/m3 reinforcement ratio (300 tons of steel). NUVIA teams with the support of VINCI casted technical self-compacting concrete in 2018. The bearings are installed on the Steel Transition Pieces (6 tons steel) that are cast in the crown wall and make the transition from civil engineering to mechanical tolerances.

A real work of art has been performed by NUVIA to position the Cryostat Support Bearings in the required criteria through a tailor-made mechanical system.