Revolutionising the disposal of nuclear waste with MALLET

A new low cost, low carbon and sustainable technique for encapsulating intermediate level waste

NUVIA and Lucideon held a successful showcase event few weeks ago to demonstrate a pioneering new technique, designed to transform the process of nuclear waste disposal globally.

Developed in response to a number of nuclear industry waste disposal challenges, the system provides a cost efficient method of managing Intermediate Level Waste streams (ILW), including oils, graphite, zeolites, sludges, and ashes.

Together, NUVIA and Lucideon have developed a waste solution known as MALLET (MIDAR™-Augmented Low-cost Low-carbon Encapsulation Technique).

MALLET was developed in response to several nuclear industry problematic waste disposal challenges, seeking to provide a safe, high waste loading solution for oils, sludges, ion exchange resins and graphite.

Richard Goodhead, Chief Marketing Officer of Lucideon, said: “MALLET represents a significant development for the management of nuclear waste.

“It offers substantial benefits over traditional forms of Intermediate Level Waste stream disposal techniques such as Portland Cement, including a significant reduction in carbon emissions and waste volumes, as well as a considerable reduction in processing and disposal.

“The technology is also compliant with Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) and is chemically stable.”

Adrian Davis-Johnston, Head of Research, Development and Innovation, NUVIA  UK , commented on the day, “The MALLET showcase event has been a great success, engaging with potential end users for this revolutionary waste processing solution and demonstrating the excellent technical work completed by NUVIA and Lucideon thanks to funding from Innovate UK.

MALLET has the potential to accelerate risk and hazard reduction by providing a waste processing solution for wastes which are deemed problematic and will substantially reduce the cost of disposal and processing of the waste by several hundred millions of pounds compared to traditional grouting methods.

Having worked with Lucideon closely on this project over the past three years, I am delighted that the collaboration between our organisations has not only resulted in the development of a fantastic product, but has fostered close partnership working that I hope will continue for many years to come to develop new exciting solutions for the nuclear industry and beyond.