NUVIA Protection in the Spotlight

A big thank you to Madame Cendra MOTIN, deputy for the Isère 6th district, who we have been delighted to welcome to our Morestel premises.

Located in the south-eastern part of France, Morestel is the headquarters of NUVIA Protection, our business concentrating on the protection of nuclear and industrial installations, against risks of fire, flood, dissemination, radiology and seismology. With more than 70 people on site, NUVIA Protection is the largest private employer in the town as well.
Sebastien DIAZ, director of NUVIA Protection, showed Madame the deputy around our production lines, introducing her to the teams working on the site and demonstrating our products that are designed, built and tested here.
This visit forms part of our plans to develop our activity on the Morestel site, where NUVIA intends to create a new research and production area. Through this investment project, NUVIA is proud to promote local employment and Made in France, notably supporting the production of low-carbon nuclear energy.

Photo credit: ECO Nord Isère