New partnership of NUVIATech Instruments with Genetec

Securing critical infrastructure, major public events and borders against nuclear threats has become a bigger focus over the last few years.

Thanks to its recognized nuclear expertise, NUVIA contributes to building a safer world, and we are delighted to announce today the partnership of NUVIATech Instruments with Genetec, a leading technology provider of business intelligence, unified physical security, public safety, and operations.

This partnership translates into the integration of our NuVISION gamma camera with security centers relying on Genetec technology. The integrated solution enables security centers to detect, locate, and identify a nuclear threat from a distance, thus efficiently strengthening the security of critical sites such as airports, subways, train stations, or major public events without impacting the flow of people.

NuVISION is a flagship product of NUVIATech Instruments developed in collaboration with the French Atomic Energy Commission CEA-Leti.