New Milestone on the Extraordinary Extrados Site of the Cattenom 3 Enclosure

A new milestone has been reached on the extraordinary Extrados site of the Cattenom 3 enclosure!

After three years of studies and work on the Extrados project, the preparatory work for the coating has been completed. The dome access structure designed specifically for this project by NUVIA is currently being accepted at the Extrados site in Cattenom 3.
This super structure anchored to the external enclosure will allow our NUVIA and LASSARAT teams to work completely safely and without stepping on the dome for the application of the composite skin lining over more than 2,000 m². The final objective of this operation is to improve the sealing of the system for the VD3 enclosure test. This week marks significant progress with the completion of the assembly of this modular structure.
Congratulations to everyone involved for their dedication and thanks to the EDF teams for their confidence in the success of this project.

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